Top 5 Tips To Live Your Authentic Life!


Practice daily self love. Treat yourself like you would your dearest friend or loved one. Start a daily gratitude jar. Live in the abundance of the mindset that you have all that you truly need.

Love your body now! Appreciate the gift of true health. Do not wait until you are sick or unable to do the things you wished you had. Live in the preset moment! This is your game of life, not the dress rehearsal!

Drink fresh pure water, lots of it! Having trouble getting your water in every day? How about sipping from a fun and colorful Fresh Paint water bottle? Visit my online store to get yours today!

Reduce or eliminate processed and artificial sugars from your diet. Replace with natural fruits, organic honey or agave nectar. Watch your energy soar and enjoy your healthy glow!

Pack your own lunch and snacks and take charge of the fuel you put into your body!

Are you ready to make some changes in your overall health and wellness? Do you long to become Simply Well and Simply Organized? If that sounds good but you just don’t know how to get started or even what to do then may I suggest you invest in yourself and hire me, Kelly Kurtz, as your holistic health coach. Ask yourself, “If not now, when? And oh yeah, just what it costing you not too?