Kicking Fear!

Fear is something we often feel but don’t always express openly. It often manifests itself as something else like anxiety and stress, procrastination, addictions to food or alcohol or, even getting lost in hours upon hours of mindless television. What is it that you really want but are fearful of pursuing? A new job? A committed relationship? How about tackling a triathlon or running your first 5K or Marathon? Fear of failure and of “not being good enough” robs us of so many opportunities.

Here are a few strategies that I personally have found to be helpful.

When fear really has me paralyzed I try to imagine myself hanging over the cliff holding on for dear life. I hold on as long as I can, my fingers are slipping I know I have to let go… I take a deep breath, count 1, 2, 3 and release! The free fall is like nothing you can imagine but only for a while. You begin to relax as the fear turns to power. Yes, there are often several twists and turns. Some anticipated, some completely spontaneous…

Then you suddenly realize… Damn, I should have done this sooner!

The power of visualization is amazing! Anything you can imagine is real, whether it is good or bad. When fear is holding me back I imagine what it is I am trying to do. I literally do it hundreds of times in my head until it feels as though I have already achieved it! I try to feel the way I might feel once I conquer my fear and that feeling paired with visualization drives me forward!

Knowing that there is no right way to do absolutely everything takes some of the pressure off being “perfect.” I was always fearful of failing but there really is no failing, self-discovery, and lessons along the way are always benefits of trying and going after what you want! Walking away from your dreams? Now that is fear. When your life comes to an end make sure you have left nothing to make you have to say “I wish I had…”

So go ahead get out there! One thing is certain if you don’t even try you have already been defeated by your potential worst enemy, yourself! So be your own cheerleader you truly possess all you need already within yourself.

Your time to sparkle is now!