The Art of Home Staging!

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Thinking of selling your home or just wishing your home was bigger, more inviting, or relaxing? Often times having a fresh set of eyes looking at your space can lead to some creative energy and transformation of your space.

Home staging is most often done when you are trying to sell a home or when a model home is built and needs furnishings to look more Inviting to promote sales. I believe we should all have the model home where we live right now! Now I realize people don’t live day to day with everything perfect, clean and clutter free. However, what if your home had an overhaul? Maybe just a closet, a room, the kitchen or your home office? What if you felt peaceful, productive, energized, and nourished every time you came home? What if by making a few changes (or in some cases more than a few, but a work in progress…) you could have a truly wonderful haven to retreat to after working all day? Consider a home staging consult with me, Kelly Kurtz, your personal Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, author of “Fresh Paint” and Licensed Realtor. I specialize in clearing the clutter from your mind, your body, and your home!

Think home staging is a good idea, but too expensive or just a luxury you don’t deserve? Let me ask you this… Do you want to prepare healthy meals, but your kitchen counters are piled with lunch boxes, junk mail and Tupperware overflow? Do you long to reconnect with your spouse or significant other before you drift off to sleep, but your bedroom floor is piled with dirty laundry, your bed is covered with outfits you tried on in the morning, but changed three times before rushing out the door and your drawers overstuffed with clothes, junk and clutter? It’s no wonder you are not feeling relaxed or romantic, and not getting a restful night’s sleep. Check out my website,, for more details and pricing on some simple services that can make a huge difference in your overall wellness. So go ahead, check it out. It’s more affordable than you think.

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