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Why Complete A Health History?

Each of these health history questionnaires contain vital background information to allow me, Kelly Kurtz, as your Holistic Health Coach, to gain a valuable insight into several areas of your health and well-being. In providing this pertinent information, I can better assist you in creating an accurate snapshot of your current health and wellness, so that we can understand any challenges you might be experiencing and develop a plan to turn these “challenges” into “opportunities” for positive change within you and your life.

All information collected through these health history questionnaires are strictly confidential and will not be shared and/or discussed with anyone without your express permission.

The biggest breakthroughs and discoveries come when you are open and honest with yourself and me, as your Holistic Health Coach. If there is something you truly do not feel comfortable answering or elaborating on, that is perfectly okay. I only ask that you complete your health history questionnaire with the most accurate information you can provide.

I look forward to collaborating and guiding you to achieve your best you possible.