Home Staging Services

Home Staging Consult:

  • 30 minute consult for general overview of your home with written checklist of recommendations/suggestions ($50)
  • Ready, Set, Action! This can be anywhere from 2+ hours to implement changes and get your home looking warm and inviting! You pick the rooms and how little or much you want to tackle. ($65 Hour)

This is a great service to get a fresh set of eyes on your home. Whether you just need a pick me up to fall love with your home all over again, or are really considering selling your home in the near future. We begin with a conversation of your wants, needs and lifestyle. A physical walk through (or done via Skype) allows me to offer recommendations to make often small simple changes to your living environment. This may entail furniture removal/rearranging suggestions, simplifying and reducing clutter and/or assistance with decorating ideas (such as paint colors, or a trip to TJ Maxx)! sometimes all that is needed is simply repurposing a space to better meet your needs. We work together to make your house a place you love to call home!