Simply Well” Packages, Products, and Services:


Single Session Individual Coaching Hour $65

This is my basic entry level package that will give you a feel for the benefits of working with me as your Health Coach! This Simple Steps Forward goal- setting workshop will be your hour of power and can be done in person, on the phone or via Microsoft’s Skype or Apple’s FaceTime for iOS or Mac OS X. I will assist you in identifying specific key areas of focus.  This will allow you to take action towards creating more balance in your life. You will leave our session with some simple solutions and practical strategies to move forward in the direction you desire.

3-Month Individual Coaching Program $349

This program offers individualized, bi-monthly, 50-minute coaching sessions (six total) for transformation of the areas of your health and well-being that  you wish to focus on. As a client of my individual health and lifestyle program, you will set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting! Other benefits may include increasing your energy levels, learning to feel great in your body, and understanding and reducing your specific food cravings. Discover which foods are ideal for you individually, while working towards achieving your ideal weight. Discover the confidence within you to create the life you want and deserve!


The Clean Sweep $99

This “Clean Sweep” package will take a detailed look at several areas of your life, including your home environment, your health, your relationship with money, and your interpersonal relationships. You will be given a homework assignment before your clean sweep session to optimize the areas of growth/change that you desire. This exercise is very eye opening  and is often the catalyst to some powerful lasting changes you will be able to create in your life. This package consists of one 30 minute session and one 60-75 minute coaching exploration.

Simply Organized” Products and Services:

Need help clearing out the clutter in your life? How about in your home or office? I can provide you with a unique process to help get you organized and on track. Planning, preparing and packing your food is more than half the challenge in eating well. I can show you how to make simple changes in your routine that can add up big and even add healthier years to your life. Did you know that an average of 55-minutes each day is typically spent looking for misplaced items? Unorganized closets are the #1 frustration for most people. Can you imagine cutting your housework by 40%? It’s true! That  it is estimated that 40% of the time people spend on housework is just dealing with clutter! What will you do with your free time? Consider hiring me as your health and lifestyle coach.  As a super organizer I can assist you in taking the back the control in your life.


Pantry Purge ( prices vary)

This service is unique in that it will begin in your kitchen, where we will assess and organize your kitchen cabinets, pantry and storage areas. We will compile a list of basic staples and supplies that will ensure you have the basic items necessary to embrace your new steps towards healthier eating. Together we will go to the grocery store (if desired) to purchase food for your meals and snacks for the coming week ahead. Education will be provided about reading labels and your will learn organizational strategies to help you with planning and preparing quality food that is healthy. This is geared towards saving your time and money. Your newly learned skills will empower you to make healthy choices; encourage you to buy fresh, local seasonal foods; and create simple meals at home.

Sunday Stock and Prep $249

This is my signature platinum package that consists of a combination of the pantry purge services listed above, in addition to four individual coaching sessions during the next two months to ensure your continued success! Sessions can be used in person, on the phone, or via Microsoft’ Skype or Apple’s FaceTime for iOS or Mac OS X. To ensure continued success in turning your newly learned strategies into lasting habits. It is easy to fall back into old routines even with the best intentions. This individualized coaching package gives you the tools you need to stay focused and have lasting success. This program comes with many tools and complimentary give a ways to assist you along your journey.


Clutter Cure ($55 hour)

Pick a closet, a room, an office or even a whole-house makeover. I can assist you in clearing out the clutter and get you and your family organized once and for all! This is usually done during a few sessions, depending on the amount of space and clutter you wish to organize. Starting small is usually best and the least overwhelming, but even having a small space organized can create momentum in your environment to keep you going. Not only will I assist you but I will also educate and work with you to develop an individualized system that will work for you and your family so that long term success is possible.

Home Staging Consult

This is a great service to get a fresh set of eyes on your home. Whether you just need a pick me up to fall love with your home all over again, or are really considering selling your home in the near future. We begin with a conversation of your wants, needs and lifestyle. A physical walk through (or done via Skype) allows me to offer recommendations to make often small simple changes to your living environment. This may entail furniture removal/rearranging suggestions, simplifying and reducing clutter and/or assistance with decorating ideas (such as paint colors, or a trip to TJ Maxx)! sometimes all that is needed is simply repurposing a space to better meet your needs. We work together to make your house a place you love to call home!

  • 30 minute consult for general overview of your home with written checklist of recommendations/suggestions ($50)
  • Ready, Set, Action! This can be anywhere from 2+ hours to implement changes and get your home looking warm and inviting! You pick the rooms and how little or much you want to tackle. ($65 Hour)