My Story | Kelly Kurtz
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My Story

Hi and Welcome! My name is Kelly Kurtz, I am a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach. I have worked in the healthcare industry for over 27 years and I specialize in assisting my clients to reach their full potential.

I have also been on my own journey to continue discover my authentic self. Things don’t always go exactly as I have planned. So all the years spent worrying about the future, and being stuck in the past, truly robs you of your life, your present moment! There is no end line, finish line, or final to do list until perhaps we have taken our final breath.

“A path without a compass can often lead to wandering”… I have wandered plenty, it is part of the journey. I understand good intentions, true passion and desire, and I also understand how a lack of focus and structure can cause you to fall short of where you want to go and be. As your Health coach I can assist you in staying the course while still of course enjoying the view along the way.

I have a passion for educating and helping people. What we do consistently today will directly affect how we live tomorrow. I am an advocate of self-care and taking the oxygen first, to be better able to assist those we love.


As a mom with two college age children I understand the stress of a hectic schedule filled with work, sports schedules, caring for aging parents and trying to stay healthy and fit yourself. I know the challenge of preparing healthy meals for yourself and your family. I can teach you how to limit prepackaged, highly processed and chemically concocted foods with whole, clean foods that grow locally and seasonally.

I have always had a passion for decorating and organizing. I am passionate about assisting others in this area of their lives! I can help you organize your refrigerator, kitchen, pantry, bedroom or closets. Amazingly just by making these changes this can promote a healthier lifestyle. Setting the intention of simplicity, and creating an environment that promotes tranquility will not only clear the clutter from your mind, but also from your body and your home. Through helping you discover simple everyday actions I can assist you to create room for you to truly bloom into the amazing person that you are! Sounds simple right? Well it is, once you know how. I will help you get organized from the inside out, as happiness is an inside job!

I hope you and I will partner to take back your life and realize that your “health” is really your true “wealth.” I leave you to ponder over one of the simplest most power quotes I know, “Stop worrying about your health, and it will go away.”